Women’s Merino Wool Clothing

Merino wool is a miracle fabric — it’s warm, soft, moisture wicking and naturally fights odors.

Here you will find some of the most popular merino wool clothing for women.

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Women’s Merino Wool Underwear

Perfect balance of mobility and comfort. Moisture-wicking, antibacterial merino fibers keep you cleaner and less sweaty. Seamless technology creates chafe-free comfort.

Every product is available in four colors.

Balance Bikini Brief

Balance Boy Short

Balance Criss Cross Bra

Balance Sport Bra

Balance Dance Bra

Balance Crop Bra

It includes moisture-wicking, lightweight breathable merino briefs and the most comfortable merino thong.

They are anti-bacterial for odor resistant wear as well as moisture-wicking for optimal comfort. They are super soft, no-ride elastic.

Available in 3 and 4 colors.

Natural Briefs

W Natural Thong

The classic cami with amazing performance. Absorbent, moisture-wicking, next-to-skin layer keeps you dry. Thermoregulating for all-day comfort. Relaxed fit with adjustable straps.

Essentials Cami

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Women’s Merino Wool First Layers

100% merino, breathable for optimal layering, natural moisture wicking, odor-resistant material, requires less washing, with curved hem.

Available in 3 and 4 color options.

24 Hour Short Sleeve Scoop Neck

24 Hour Long Sleeve Scoop Neck

24 Hour Tank

Tencel added for extra comfort in warm and hot conditions. Nylon core for durability.

W Divine Short Sleeve Scoop Neck

W Divine Long Sleeve Crew

Available in 3 colors.

Journey Short Sleeve Crew

Journey Long Sleeve Crew

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Women’s Merino Wool Midlayers

Shak Jacket

The most wearable 100% merino wool jacket. Dense merino offers high performance and natural stretch. Full front zip, zippered hand pockets, and optional thumb holes.

Five colors.

W Shak Vest

Hidden hand warmer pockets and fFitted design that fits close to the body with sleek seam lines.

2 colors.

W Shak Hoodie

Flatlock seams and raglan sleeves for optimal layering. Full front zip, scuba-style hood, thumb holes.

3 colors.

A lightweight hoodie with raglan seams for optimal movement. thumb holes for layering, slim-fit hood that stays up during activity.

Super absorbent, moisture-wicking merino wool, half the weight of equivalent cotton hoodies. Invisible zip pockets and drawstring hood.

3 colors.

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Women’s Merino Wool Tops

Woolies Tech Long Sleeve Crew

Merino base-layer built to keep you warm and dry. Baste stitch thumbholes for optional use. Durable nylon core merino wool to endure wear and tear.

6 colors.

Woolies Tech 1/4 Zip

Thermo efficient base layer, baste stitch thumb holes and zip neck to maintain body temperature.

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Women’s Merino Wool Bottoms

Merino base layer, skin tight natural feel, comfortable covered waistband that won’t ride up.

4 colors.

W Hero Jogger Pant

Super absorbent, moisture-wicking merino wool, ,half the weight of equivalent cotton jogger pants. Invisible zip pockets and drawstring waistband.

4 colors.

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Merino Wool Moisture Wicking Socks

Let’s talk about our favorite merino wool moisture wicking socks.

They will save your feet and your nose! Believe me! They have zero smell!

There’s all types of merino wool socks. But anything that contains over 50% merino wool is a very good sock.

Here you can choose between two types of these socks.

Low Lite Wool Crew Sock

Ultra lightweight and arch support with a compression knit structure.

Ankle Light Sock

Extra terry-knit cushioning, mesh knit structure adds breathability, pull tabs.

Lite Low Cut Sock

Ultra light weight, quick dry, arch support with a compression knit structure.

Hiker Warm Crew Socks

Super cushioned, moisture-wicking, all-day comfort hiker socks.

Expedition sock

Fully cushioned for impact absorption, reinforced toe and heel.

Camp Dinner Sock

Classic mid-weight merino wool blend sock, medium cushioning, reinforced toe and heel

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Whether you live in Alaska or whether you live in Florida, they save your feet and your nose. Believe me. Zero smell! One of the best things I’ve ever done is to buy merino wool socks.

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Merino wool is the world’s best insulating fiber. It offers several unique benefits that clearly

give both the active and still people a significant advantage over those in synthetic base layers.

First off, merino simply doesn’t stink because Merino fiber is naturally resistant to bacteria, which is what causes odor.

Quite simply, the microscopic fibers that comprise merino are literally unable to hold on to bacteria, so that odor never forms on your socks.

Second, Merino wool is an incredible thermo regulator. Not only does it keep you warm in extremely cold temperatures, it also keeps you cool when the thermometer climbs through the roof.

How does it do this?

Think about the merino sheep of New Zealand, where we get most of merino.

Temperatures on the South Island’s can easily swing from sweltering to snowy in a matter of hours.

Merino sheep don’t get to change jackets. Instead, there will naturally regulate their temperature, keeping them efficient and comfortable in any environment.

Merino is also adept at moving moisture vapor away before it condenses into sweat.

If you do get hot enough that liquid develops on your skin, the wool wicks it away to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate.

Merino is naturally completely silent and it’s also UV absorbent. Ever see someone lit up by the Sun on a ridge? If you’re wearing synthetics you’re going to glow like a radioactive zombie!

Merino on the other hand absorbs that sunlight keeping you from shining and making your outline minimal.

Finally merino wool retains about 80% of its insulating properties when soaking wet. Should you get caught unprepared in a rainstorm, or fall off that log into the creek, you might be wet, but you’ll stay warm and out of harm’s way.

The company that makes above-mentioned socks uses the finest and highest grade merino in the world, which means it’s completely soft to the touch, like a fine cotton t-shirt.

Find out for yourself why merino is the choice of millions of people all over the world.

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