Celebrities Favorite Skin Care Products

What Madonna, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, Tyra Banks, Simon Cowell and other celebrities have in common?

They all use the same skin care products! One of their favorite brands is EMK Beverly Hills.


“Victoria Beckham keeps her face baby-smooth with EMK’s plant based placental extract (Live Anti-Aging Mask) which hydrates and protects skin while diminishing visible lines.”


“…to keep her skin baby like, Desperate Housewives co-star Eva Longoria opts for EMK (Face) Cream…”


“Now we know why Madonna, Simon Cowell and Eva Longoria have such baby faces…EMK Placental Skin products are all the rage with A-listers these days.”

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“Simon Cowell loves it (EMK Texal Mask) because it does the trick without him having to go under the knife.”

EMK is Hollywood celebrities and top dermatologists’ favorite skin care line. Founded in the 1970s, it has become the world leader in plant placenta skin care.

EMK is recommended by some of the world’s leading dermatologists, including Hollywood’s Dr. Emer and Beverly Hills’ Dr. Harold Lancer.

The power of EMK pure, natural Agave Bioplacenta is the reason why they still have baby-like skin.

Plant proteins from Agave cactus make skin look firmer and gets that super glow back.

The key ingredient that makes all EMK products super effective is exclusive Bioplacenta. It’s the plant placenta protein extracted from the Agave’s pistil. It’s bio-identical to the human placenta protein.

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Clinical studies have found that protein synthesis was increased by 130%. This is crucial for cell renewal and repair. It is a wonder for keeping a healthy, younger-looking skin.

Bioplacenta is one of the most powerful skin cell revitalizer on earth! Skin looks lifted, brighter and feels incredibly silky.

Plant placenta was demonstrated to cause a 70% increase in skin oxygenation. When your skin consumes more oxygen, it strengthens and protects the collagen structure that keeps your skin acting and looking youthful.

The EMK skin care products incorporates over 60 different plant and fruit extracts. They are all scientifically blended for professional results. EMK has spent over 30 years of research to perfect its formulas.

Here are some of EMK famous products.

OPTIMA FACE CREAM — Top celebrities love it because it imparts instant radiance to dull, dry, stressed skin. Eva Longoria is a true fan and considers Optima Face Cream essential to her regimen. It makes skin camera loving with flawless luminosity.

SUPRA FACE CREAM — Female celebs love how it soothes and helps makeup apply more evenly.

RESCUE SERUM — Ultimate anti-aging treatment. Loved by celebrities, touted #1 investment for your skin by dermatologists. Revitalizes skin with powerful natural ingredients.

There are other amazing products and you can see them all here.

It’s not just celebrities that praise these skin care products. Regular people, like you and me, also love them. Here is just a small sample of what they are saying.

Audrey A.: “So glad I found EMK products. It was like a magic wand for me!”

Christine S.: “I am 51 and my skin feels like it did in my 20's.”

Melody M.: “Leaves my skin glowing, healthy, plump, nourished, hydrated, balanced.”

Lucille B.: “My skin is amazing and I get compliments all the time!”

Andrew C.: “It’s an amazing group of EMK products that will both pamper and help to improve the look and health of your skin. I swear by it!”

Laura C.: “Once I started using EMK I could not believe the difference! EMK was a miracle for my skin!

The right skincare can take your everyday look to a seriously glamorous affair. With EMK you can easily do it!

Celebrity Skin Care Tips

How the stars get that red carpet glow? Hollywood celebrities know first-hand that there is little or no room for wrinkles or blemishes, especially on the red carpet, when all eyes are watching. Stars begin prepping their skin from head to toe, getting the glow weeks in advance.

Hollywood skincare expert Kate Somerville created something really simple. It’s called the skin health pyramid and it’s 5 basic steps: protect, hydrate, feed. stimulate and last but not least detoxify.

If you follow those things in your regiment you will have that red carpet glow, morning and night.

The number one thing to beautiful skin is exfoliation and so many people are not doing it properly. You should use a product that gentle and that can really dissolve the dead skin. How often should we exfoliate? Only twice a week. It depends on your skin type. If you are really sensitive, once a week. But you definitely should try and do it two times a week because you’re getting off that dead skin layer and that’s what really ages us. It makes our wrinkles and fine lines deeper.

Hydration is also key factor. That’s the other step that a lot of people mess. They think that moisturization and hydration are the same thing. They are not. Hydration is actually hyaluronic acid. Our own bodies produce it. That is the red carpet glow that A-listers have.

What can you do to get a firmer, more lifted look in the comfort of your own home.

These tips are used by celebrities.

1. Facial Massage.

This one really does work. Gently massaging the face and neck brings the blood flow to the skin cells. That blood flow allows skin cells to produce more collagen, elastin and other support molecule needed to keep skin firm and strong.

For best results, start massaging low on your face and work upward. Alternate between small circles and light taps to enhance circulation. Doing this from 1–2 minutes in the morning helps you you maintain a healthy, rosy glow all day.

2. Get Enough Vitamin A.

Kind of Vitamin A found orange vegetables, know as Beta Carotene. This is proven to help skin cells replicate more efficiently. That means dead, dull skin cells are replaced with fresher, healthier ones.

You could take full advantage of in-season fall foods, such as sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin. They are all excellent and delicious foods for tighter skin.

3. Apply Products With Care.

If you’re rubbing, tugging or dragging skin downward when you apply your products, you may actually be speeding up the aging process. Yous skin is stretchy and flexible thanks to the protein elastin. But just like a rubber band, if it is stretched too hard and too often, it starts to sag and drop and crack.

That’s why you should always apply products with a gentle touch in an upward, lifting motion, just like your facial massage.

By trying these quick tips, you’ll be giving yourself a leg up on gravity.

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